Three Forks, Montana

Welcome! This is my new blog. It's built right into my website. From 2009-2019 I was blogging through Google's "blogger" and that blog is still active though I am not adding to it.  A tab at the top of this page called "old blog" will get you there.  I think the photos I am able to post on this new blog are allowed to be of higher quality as well as being a larger viewing size, though that may depend on the size of your viewing screen.


Stay-at-Home Backyard Photography: 14: Cosmos Blossom with one Drop of Water Remaining

September 01, 2020
I snapped this blossom on our deck after the rain stopped Saturday, but before the last drop of water fell from the petals. The colors of this flower are so rich, amd thi...
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Vignettes are a Nice Technique in Flower Photography. Here's and example

August 30, 2020
A great use for a vignette is with flower photography. It is a very effective way to focus attention on the flower(s) and to keep the viewer's eyes from migrating to the...
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I'm Using a Vignette more and more when Processing Images

August 27, 2020
What I have below is a cell phone photo I took the other day at a local farm stand, I was picking up peaches for my wife who was planning to make a pe...
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Stay-at-Home Backyard Photography #14: The Edge of the Storm

August 26, 2020
Afternoon thunderstorms have been a bit frightening (i.e. noisy) the last few days. We dodged a bullet yesterday as I watched this cloud from our yard. It stayed to the...
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Stay-at-Home Photography: 13: Garden Geranium

August 24, 2020
Our little geranium plants have been blooming all summer. I wish we had more of them. The two blossoms in this photo are at different maturities, though I doubt I apprec...
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Stay-at-Home Photography: 12: Spirea

August 22, 2020
On the line between our property and our neighbor is a beautiful Spirea bush. I'd say it's 10 feet in diameter and 8 feet tall. The flowers are small and white and easy t...
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Stay-at-Home Photography: 11: Perfect Dandelion

August 20, 2020
Many of us are constantly battling with dandelions, trying to keep them out of our lawns. They are weeds and we don't like seeing their seeds flying across the lawn attac...
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Stay-at-Home Photography: 10: Mini Oak Leaf

August 18, 2020
I plucked this off a tiny oak sapling. It couldn't have measured longer than one inch. Held up to the light (with the green of bushes blurred in the background), I loved...
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Stay-at-Home Backyard Photography: 9: Orange and Green

August 16, 2020
Even before I saw a few of these downed leaves in the yard yesterday, I was saying it felt like fall. High temperatures reached just 70F at 3pm, with just a touch of humi...
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Stay-at-Home Photography: 8: Blueberry Blossoms with Stacking

August 13, 2020
It's hard to believe that I stacking 23 images to create this one image. All images were stacked automatically in Photoshop and then processed further in Lightrooom. Neve...
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Stay-at-Home Photography: 7: Our Fawn is getting Big

August 11, 2020
A little background. My wife and I enjoy our first cup of coffee each morning while sitting outside, usually starting at 5:30am. It has only been since the beginning of t...
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Stay-at-Home Backyard Photography: 6: "Maple Tree 'Helicopters'"

August 09, 2020
Photographed in May, my notes tell me that this set of helicopters was lying on our driveway after a windy night, with the stem and branch attached. I held it up with my...
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"The Morning After"

August 07, 2020
Two days ago Hurricane Isaias came through New England (by then a "mere" tropical storm). Where we live it was pretty much a non-event. Wind gusts were around 50mph. The...
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Stay-at-Home Backyard Photography: 5: Backlit Maple Leaf

August 06, 2020
This photo of a backlit maple leaf was taken as the sun was getting low, about 5:30pm in May. I find orange against green makes a great color combo. Very pleasing and com...
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Stay-at-Home Backyard Photography: 4: Baby Maples Leaves

August 04, 2020
One of the nice things about plants, flowers, and trees in the spring is the new growth. Walking around the backyard in May I was able to find these sets of tiny maple le...
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