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Modified 26-May-09
Created 23-May-09
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These images were taken over a 30 minute period, along the edge of the Miller's River where I was flyfishing. I sat down at the edge of the water to retreive my camera from my fly fishing vest, to take a picture of the river itself, when I saw the green head of a dragonfly on the stoney shore and just inches from the water.

Dragonfly nymphs live underwater, crawling among the bolders and rocks at the bottom of the river, until they crawl to the water's edge to emerge from their nymphal skin as adults. Of course, fish love eating the nymphs and probably catch many as they migrate toward to shore.

A special moment was when the wings "snapped" forward into airplane orientation with the speed and execution of a military color guard. Within a few minutes of this event, the dragonfly flew off into the air with complete coordination.