Three Forks, Montana

Lamb's-Ear flowering plant and a photogenic Bumble Bee

July 05, 2022

I spent an hour at the Arboretum this past weekend, seeing what I could do on an overcast day. It seems to me I am traveling lighter and lighter; just one camera (Olympus E-M1), one lens (Olympus 40-150 F4), one battery, and one SD card were with me on this outing.

I am especially pleased with the two bumble bee photos that start off the series below. The shot with the bee in mid-flight was hard to get with my "older" Olympus gear.  I use a single auto focus point with a manual override option (S-AF/MF).  The four-way controller allows me to move the point around, though sometimes I just do things the lazy way; that is, focus using the center focus point and then recompose. My guess is that if I had better continuous autofocus with tracking (like the newest Olympus, the OM-1), I'd have a better chance of tracking and focusing on a moving bee. In this case I was actually focusing on the plant and when the bee arrived it was (lucky for me) in the same focal plane as the plant.

Lamb's Ear and Bumble BeeLamb's Ear and Bumble Bee

Lamb's Ear and Bumble BeeLamb's Ear and Bumble Bee