Three Forks, Montana

A June Week in Maine - Part 2: A few closeup photos mostly of old wood and rusted hardware.

August 30, 2021

Though the views of water, sky, animal life (ex. eagle and seals), and lobstering activity (see previous post) were terrific from our week-long apartment in Spruce Head, I couldn't help but walk around the premises from time-to-time, inside and out, looking for smaller compositions. A few of which are included below.

Mostly these photos were taken with the Sony A6500 and "kit" 18-135mm zoom. This lens does a very nice job with closeup compositions, and can even get close enough for a 1:2 macro equivalent when needed. 



"Old Hinge"


Old plywood kitchen countertop and classic enamel camp mug holding by breakfast.

"Maine Blueberry Pie" 
iPhone 12 image.


"Oar Lock"


This lamp, with its repurposed electric meter, had me smiling. 


I think this rusted tool lying on a stone wall is for making adjustments on a chainsaw. 

Recharging a couple of devices and a few camera batteries.