Three Forks, Montana

Welcome! This is my new blog. It's built right into my website. From 2009-2019 I was blogging through Google's "blogger" and that blog is still active though I am not adding to it.  A tab at the top of this page called "old blog" will get you there.  I think the photos I am able to post on this new blog are allowed to be of higher quality as well as being a larger viewing size, though that may depend on the size of your viewing screen.


Redoing an image from 2009 using Topaz DeNoise and Nik Viveza

June 12, 2021
This image was taken with my first interchangeable lens digital camera, in the summer of 2009. It was an Olympus E-520 with the kit 14-42mm lens. My wife and I were visit...
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I'm Happy with these eight images from Acton Arboretum

May 19, 2021
It's been a year since I've taken any flower photos anywhere other than in our yard. The Acton Arboretum was open last year but reports of out-sized crowds and with me al...
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Maple Seed Helicopters

May 02, 2021
It is with great relief that we picked up 3 1/2" of rain this week. While other parts of the country are being flooded, here in New England we are in drought conditions....
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Macros: Discoveries viewed on the monitor but not seen in the Field

December 16, 2020
One reason I love macro images is that when they are viewed on a monitor they are larger than real-life. (Though I suppose that may not be true when viewed on a cell phon...
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Have a Very Macro (er, Merry) Christmas

December 12, 2020
During these days when we are spending so little time traveling and exploring, and so much time at home, it's hard to be motivated to take photos. But here's an idea. If...
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Two Seascapes from Maine

December 09, 2020
My wife and I really missed vacationing in Maine this summer. Due to the pandemic, it just didn't work out for us. So these two "seascapes" were from the summer before l...
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Stay-at-Home Backyard Photography: #23: Frosty Oak Leaf

November 16, 2020
Saturday night was cold, and gave us our first real frost of the season. The result was a rather beautiful Sunday morning of looking out over frosted grass and leaves, wi...
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Stay-at-Home Backyard Photgraphy: #22: Dragonfly

November 08, 2020
Backyard dragonflies are easy to capture with a photo. In our yard they favor the dried up stalks of daylily blossoms, and they will sit there resting for minutes on end.
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Stay-at-Home Backyard Photography: #21: Water Droplets and Crane Fly and Butterfly

November 03, 2020
Despite the title, the actual common theme in these four photos is the greenery. These are the leaves (fronds?) of a bed of daylilies. Daylilies provide a great way to co...
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Stay-at-Home Backyard Photography: #20: Snowiest October on Record

October 31, 2020
Yesterday Boston received 3.5" of snow. That's a record for October, going back to the beginning of when records were kept. That was 1872. According to our local meteoro...
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Stay-at-Home Backyard Photography: #19: "October Fern"

October 30, 2020
Many of our ferns have crumbled into dust as the fall has progressed, yet a few (different variety?) are working hard to hold onto their chlorophyll. I liked the contras...
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Stay-at-Home Backyard Photography: #18: Wabi-Sabi Oak Leaf

October 27, 2020
Until a year ago I had never heard of wabi-sabi*, but it was chosen by my photoclub as one of our monthly assignments last year. A the time I came up with a photo of a dy...
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Stay-at-Home Backyard Photography: #17: Fall Ferns

October 11, 2020
When sitting outside and enjoying our yard, I spent the summer looking at this clump of ferns surrounding the double trunk of a hemlock. Back then, the ferns were of cour...
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Stay-at-Home Backyard Photography: #16: “Broomrape” flower – What a strange and off-putting name

September 07, 2020
“Broomrape” – What a strange and off-putting name for this small group of flowers on the edge of our gravel driveway. I have never seen these before or anywhere else. The...
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Stay-at-Home Backyard Photography: 15: Garlic Chive Flowers

September 04, 2020
Not much of a story here. But I liked the pretty flowers. Laurie bought some seedlings in the spring to create a small garden of herbs on our deck. She grew a few flower...
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