Three Forks, Montana

Stay-at-Home Backyard Photography: 9: Orange and Green

August 16, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Even before I saw a few of these downed leaves in the yard yesterday, I was saying it felt like fall.  High temperatures reached just 70F at 3pm, with just a touch of humidity.  It was overcast with a 10mph breeze out of the northeast.  I'm thinking it was the northeast breeze that made it feel like fall.

What was interesting to me is that I found a dozen or so of these leaves in about a 10 foot area, but was unable to spot the tree (bush?) from which they came.  All the leaves I could see in the bushes and trees surrounding our property were green.  And none of them were shaped like these.  Hmm.

Below are the before and after shots. Obviously I took some liberties, and all adjustments were completed in Lightroom Classic. I used the clone brush to eliminate some of the brown spots and other "imperfections" in the green leaf blades. And I used a vignette to darken the areas around the orange leaf. I think it improved the composition by eliminating a distraction, but your mileage may vary.







"Orange and Green"
August 15, 2020
Olympus E-M1
Olympus 12-100mm @ 100mm (200mm equivalent)
F4 - 1/200sec - AutoISO200



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