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Stay-at-Home Backyard Photography: 15: Garlic Chive Flowers

September 04, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Not much of a story here.  But I liked the pretty flowers.

Laurie bought some seedlings in the spring to create a small garden of herbs on our deck.  She grew a few flowers on the deck too, and the Cosmos I featured in my prior post created some beautiful pink blossoms.  

What you see here are the flowers of a “garlic chive” plant. We are not sure what parts of the plant we will eat, but we understand that the entire plant is edible.  For example, both the stalk and leaves of this mild garlic flavored vegetable can be used as one would use onions, chives, or green onions. Regardless of what we will include in recipes, the flowers are pretty and I thought nice enough to photograph.

Here I stood on a stool because the stalk is about 3’ high, and I stacked 10 images to get (most) everything in focus. The background is blurred significantly but you can still make out the clay pot that holds this plant.


"Garlic Chive Flowers"
September 1, 2020
Panasonic GX80/85
Panasonic 30mm F2.8 Macro (60mm equivalent)
F2.8 - 1/100sec - ISO200
10 focus bracketed images aligned and combined in Photoshop
Additional processing in Lightroom Classic


For size and perspective 




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