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Stay-at-Home Backyard Photos: 2: Ferns

July 20, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

One of the few things that the deer in our yard seem not to enjoy is our ferns. I am pleased that we have several beds of native variety ferns.  It is so interesting in the spring to watch them grow out of the earth and begin to unfold their fronds.  There are several below, all taken over a one week span, April to April.

My favorite is the first one, which I did feature on Instagram.  I like to composition and the detail.

"Unfolding Fern"
Olympus 40-150mm zoom at 150mm (300mm equivalent)
F2.8 - 1/800sec - ISO200
17 images stacked

I'm not sure why this one particular fern is brown while all the rest
are green.  But no question that it is healthy.



"Family Sticking Together" 
Is it just me? Or do you see it too?
Olympus 12-100 @ 92mm (184mm equivalent)
F4 - 1/250sec - ISO200

Single image, no stacking



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