Three Forks, Montana

Stay-at-Home Backyard Photography #14: The Edge of the Storm

August 26, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Afternoon thunderstorms have been a bit frightening (i.e. noisy) the last few days.

We dodged a bullet yesterday as I watched this cloud from our yard.  It stayed to the south of us, and I heard from a friend in the neighboring town that she'd had a torrential downpour... while we had barely a drop.  

The cloud itself was beautiful, especially framed by a bright blue sky.  But I thought the shafts of light seen here were especially awesome... enough for me to run into the house and grab my camera.



"Edge of the Storm"
August 24, 2020
Olympus E-M1
Olympus 12-100mm F4 zoom
F5.6 - 1/2000sec - ISO200
Raw file ​​​processed in Lightroom and Luminar




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