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Stay-at-Home Photography: 13: Garden Geranium

August 24, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Our little geranium plants have been blooming all summer.  I wish we had more of them. 

The two blossoms in this photo are at different maturities, though I doubt I appreciated this until I viewed the image closer on my computer monitor:

On the right, the five-fingered stigma (this is the female part of the flower and it is in the very center of the blossom) is closed with the tips of the fingers touching each other, and the stamens (the male part of the plant) that surround the stigma have not yet opened to release pollen.

Compare this with the blossom on the left, where the five fingers have opened and look like a starfish. At this time the stigma is said to be "receptive" (to pollination). You will also notice that the pollen has begun to be released from the stamens... it's the powdery yellow substance which is likely to be carried from blossom to blossom by bees.

For this image I (likely) set the Panasonic GX80/85 for 10 focus bracket shots, though I see that I only used six. I'm guessing that the others were out of focus. I combined the six raw images in Photoshop which automatically aligned and stacked the images into 1 tiff file. I then brought the tiff file into Lightroom where I made some adjustments using the basic panel, in particular pulling back the highlights and opening the shadows. I also used the radial tool to create a vignette to darken the edges and corners of the image.

After stacking and processing

garden geraniumgarden geranium

"Garden Geranium"
June 6, 2020
Panasonic GX80/85
Olympus 60mm F2.8 Macro (120mm equivalent)
F3.2 - 1/400sec - ISO800
(1/200sec at ISO400 would have been a better choice)
Stacked in Photoshop and further edited in Lightroom Classic




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